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Van Meter Library Voice

on March 14, 2013

This week, I decided to explore Van Meter Library Voice, a library/technology blog, which can be found at I had never heard of this blog before, so I did not know what to expect from the site. I was pleasantly surprised – the blog is extremely user-friendly, creative, engaging and fun to read. The author, Shannon Miller, includes dozens of photos with every entry that actively detail what her students do in their daily library activities.

I decided to read her blog entry from February 17th, when she chronicled a visit from authors Marybelle and Tom Harris. Miller posts a picture of the book being discussed, as well as photos of students reading the book and participating in discussion with the authors. In another post on that page, Miller describes a Skype visit from illustrator Mercer Mayer. She talks about how students really wanted Mr. Mayer to speak with them and wanted to create something that would show him how much they love his work. The students created, an ebook where students recorded their voices while sharing their own illustrations. Miller posted it on Mayer’s Facebook page, and he agreed to Skype with the students. Miller then shares several pictures and videos from the chat. The videos were so much fun for me to watch – as a lifelong Mercer Mayer fan, it was exciting to see him speak and look on as he drew a Little Critter live for the students. I felt like I was there!

Of all the readings I have done so far, I think this is the blog I will return to the most. It might be because I am more of a visual learner (according to  and this blog includes wonderful amounts of photos, videos, and other interactive media in every entry, so I felt I was able to really gain a lot from it. The blog was also incredibly inspirational to me. I was excited to read what she was posting about, but it also made me excited to have events of my own to blog about. When I become a librarian, I would love to develop a similar blog that chronicles special events and projects in my school library. This would be a wonderful publicity tool and would help to keep students, teachers, parents and community members in the know of what’s going on in their school library. The Van Meter Library Voice would be a great blog to share with students as well. Even though it is geared towards teachers and librarians, I would like to show students what another school library is doing. Students should have input in their own learning, so as a librarian, I would show my students a few things on the Van Meter website and ask if they might like to try one of those things in our library. The possibilities are endless!


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