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First Blog!

on January 16, 2013

Here I am, WordPress! The Learning Librarian, easily accessed at, is for my Introduction to School Librarianship class and will chronicle my weekly experiences with new technology. I am looking forward to learning about new tools I can use in the classroom and sharing my discoveries and reflections.

Creating this blog was fairly straight-forward; I have used this site in the past so I felt somewhat comfortable navigating it again. I like how there are so many options for themes and backgrounds. Even though it is winter as I write this, I chose a fall theme to remind me of warmer days! I also like that it is very user-friendly. It led me through a series of steps, such as selecting a title for my blog, that made sense and were easy to follow. My only complaint so far is that it seems challenging to find other blogs. It seems that you really have to know exactly what you’d like to read in order to find it – but I guess that’s an appropriate challenge for a future librarian!

I would like to explore the multitudes of other blogs on this website, and I plan to spend more time researching what kinds of blogs are most interesting to me. This will be a great resource for learning what librarians are doing and discussing.

I think blogs are a fantastic tool for both teachers and students to publish their thoughts about a variety of topics. I observed a 5th grade class yesterday where the students were working together to create one class blog. I have seen students create individual blogs in the past, but never one as an entire class. Both individual and group blogging can be beneficial. As I looked on, the students together selected a template, decided what the content of their blog would be, and assigned projects and roles. This type of collaboration not only encourages the successful creation of a blog, but also supports students working together as a team to accomplish a goal. At any age, this is a valuable skill to learn and frequently practice.

Academically, I believe blogs are extremely beneficial for students. Because of the “publishing” factor, students are motivated to make sure their writing is the best it can possibly be as they are likely to have an audience besides their parents and teachers. Blogs are a wonderful opportunity for students to synthesize information into one concrete piece that summarizes their findings. Similarly, following other blogs promotes reading skills as well as information literacy skills. In order to differentiate blogs that provide important, relevant information versus ones that don’t, students will need to know what information they are searching for and what kind of information they will accept. I am looking forward to further exploring blogs on my own and with students.


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